Growth hacking via Customer Experience

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What is customer experience Cx?

Cx is about customer’s perceptions of interactions with your product or brand. These interactions begin at the point of  searching for items to buy or services to consume to satisfy certain needs, visiting a store, chatting with a bot, browsing, placing an order, making payment, delivery, consuming the service, seeking support either via self-service or call center etc.

What’s all the fuss about Cx?

Marketing has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Customer experience has evolved and has now become the de facto industry benchmark for product marketing and brand engagement. Businesses have shifted towards customer-centric approach and keeping the customer in focus. The advent of social media, self-service  technologies,  and  various  other  digital  advancements  has  changed  the  customers behavior.

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Customer focus has consistently shifted over the years..

Experience is the brand – a brand promise is worthless, if the brand’s experience doesn’t deliver.

The key trends driving customer experience

Immediate impact of good customer experience product or brand
Increased revenue due to word of mouth marketing.
Reduction in churn leading to improvement in revenue.
Improved revenue due to incremental purchases of loyal customers.

It’s difficult to discuss customer experience without highlighting the importance of Customer Journey. A journey is the end to end experience of the customer.

Key focus areas on a customer journey:
Measure touch points along the journey. A typical journey would involve the following touch points:
• Discovery – Mobile App, Web, physical store.
• Billing – Channels include APP, Web, Physical store, SMS, USSD
• Delivery
• Consumption
• Support
• Feedback

A typical customer journey map capturing the experiences and emotions at each touch point.
Customer journey measurement

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